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9 June 2021
Quote on the
Redfin.com blog
where I comment on the importance of scent when
"bringing the outdoors in"
(read here)

8 June 2021
Interview with Nycci Nellis from
Industry Night
where we talk about "magical not witchy"
(listen here)

6 June 2021
Interview with Nycci Nellis from
(listen here)

25 May 2021
TV Interview with Kidd O'Shea from
WJLA / ABC7 News
where we talk about "magic that the earth gives us" 
(watch here)

3 May 2021
Interview with Jacquelyn Tierney from
Divine Taste (Makers)
where we talk about "Astro Style plus working with the
magic + power of plants" 
(watch here)

14 March 2021
Interview with Matt + K.Ay'Nea Riley from
Heart of Oneness
where we talk about "enchantment + energy alchemy" 
(watch here)

21 January 2021
Interview with Lauren Grace from the
Afterlight Podcast
where we talk about "making magic + being magic"
(watch here)

March 2019
Interview with Amalia Natalio from the
Soulfull Sessions podcast
where we talk about "magic + and spiritual herbalism" 
(listen to Pt 1 here)
(listen to Pt 2 here)

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