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16 May 2022
I'm on YouTube video chat with Luann Cibik and her Enchanted Living
class. We talk about spiritual herbalism and what it takes to create a
thriving business.
(watch the video here)

28 March 2022
I chat with Manjeet and Mayume of the
Lightworkers Unite podcast. I can't
even pin down the topic because we talked about EVERYthing!
(listen to the podcast here)

27 March 2022
I chat with Lois Hermann on radio and YouTube about living our mission
as Light Warriors and how Enchanted Botanicals supports that work.
(listen to the interview here)

18 March 2022
I'm interviewed by the
Wall Street Journal on how inflation is impacting
Enchanted Botanicals and how I'm playing "budgeting tetris."
(read the article here)

9 January 2022
I chat with Nycci and David Nellis from
Foodie & the Beast about resetting
energy for the new year.
(listen here)

22 December 2021
I chat with 
with Nycci Nellis from
Industry Night about resetting the
energy for 2022.

(listen here)

25 November 2021
I'm interviewed by Karen Rodriquez in
Loudoun Now about how local small
businesses are "feeling the love" from customers this season
(read the article here -- pg 21)

1 October 2021
Judy Forder from Journeys With Judy and I chat about what's new with EB
(watch here)

September 2021
I'm included in the S
hop 1-in-5 Pledge Small Business Directory
(see the directory here)

September 2021
I'm included in
Enchanted Living (Faerie) Magazine's "Gift Guide for Witches"
(see the guide here)

29 July 2021
I'm interviewed in the
Loudoun Times Mirror by Karen Graham about
creating "enchanted products that heal + nourish"
(read the article here)

28 July 2021
Interview with Abigail Hillerich from
WDVM TV where we chat about
what I do and how I got here
(watch here)

20 June 2021
Interview with Nycci & David from
TheListAreYouOnIt.com / Foodie & the Beast 
where we talk a little bit about magic
(listen here)

9 June 2021
Quote on the
Redfin.com blog where I comment on the importance of scent
when "bringing the outdoors in"
(read here)

8 June 2021
Interview with Nycci Nellis from
Industry Night where we talk about
"magical not witchy"
(listen here)

6 June 2021
Interview with Nycci Nellis from
(listen here)

25 May 2021
TV Interview with Kidd O'Shea from
WJLA / ABC7 News where we talk about "magic that the earth gives us" 
(watch here)

3 May 2021
Interview with Jacquelyn Tierney from
Divine Taste (Makers) where we talk about "Astro Style plus working with the magic + power of plants" 
(watch here)

14 March 2021
Interview with Matt + K.Ay'Nea Riley from
Heart of Oneness where we talk about "enchantment + energy alchemy" 
(watch here)

21 January 2021
Interview with Lauren Grace from the
Afterlight Podcast where we talk about "making magic + being magic"
(watch here)

March 2019
Interview with Amalia Natalio from the
Soulfull Sessions podcast where we talk about
"magic + spiritual herbalism" 
(listen to Pt 1 here)
(listen to Pt 2 here)

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