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Image by Markus Spiske

It's time to celebrate Lammas:
the first harvest festival on
the Wheel of the Year

Garden Harvest Candle

It's time to                             Lammas!


Lammas is an ancient agricultural festival honoring the first harvest of the grains and fruits that carried our ancestors through the harsh winter months. 


Later known as "Loaf Mass" in the Christian church, loaves of bread were (and still are) baked as a way of “paying forward” our gratitude for the continued healthy and abundant harvests through the season.


The                         and beauty of this season are subtle.


The gentle shift in the air signals that change is coming ... 


... but we still have time to enjoy the magic of late summer. 


So, let's make the most of it with my NEW

Lammas                                  Set.


Whether our "harvest" comes from our own backyard garden, a kitchen window sill, or the local farmers market, now is the perfect time to gather and give thanks for Earth's many blessings. 

What's in the Lammas Celebration Set?


A new limited-edition candle called Garden Harvest, herbs that specifically honor this season, and a beautiful tumbled carnelian.

I'm ready to celebrate
Lammas candle, herbs, and crystals

What are the                                  details?


Garden Harvest Candle:  The unmistakable scents of summer!


Citrus and orange (associated with Gaia and corresponding to the sun) lends power and focus to your rituals.


Basil (not just for pizza and spaghetti) calls in abundance, success, happiness, and tranquility.


Watermelon and honeydew symbolize prosperity and abundance, and help shift us away from the uneasiness of change.


Mint calms and uplifts our spirits, and strengthens our words and prayers.


Light it and feel yourself connect to the heart of the harvest.



Seasonal Herb Jar:  Use as incense, tea, or an offering.

Meadowsweet (aka Queen of the Meadow) symbolizes love, happiness, and peace. A sacred herb of the Druids, it helps boost self-confidence and embrace the Goddess energy.


Mint plays double duty, calming and uplifting your spirit. Magically, she cleanses and purifies your space, and strengthens the power of your words.


Yarrow is protective, helps remove negative energy, and amps up the power of other herbs.


Red Clover wards off unwanted spirits (i.e., negative energy). It symbolizes prosperity and protection of animals and crops. 


Sunflower’s bright golden petals align with the 3rd chakra, giving you a boost in confidence and courage.


Rose cleanses and protects, and symbolizes love of all kinds.

And your polished stone... Use it to gather in the last rays of summer.


Carnelian’s stabilizing energy is perfect to anchor in the magic of present moments. And its lively energy has a bit of a fighting spirit.

Photo of the Lammas Bundle: candle, herbs, and crystal

These beautiful and powerful bundles are limited.
Get yours before they sell out.

Your Lammas set includes...

  • Garden Harvest Candle -- the scents of the late summer 

  • Herb Jar -- botanical magic 

  • Carnelian -- your energy stabilizer


Keep the magic going...


Once your candle is burned all the way down, wash it out with warm, soapy water. Then fill it with your seasonal "findings" (seed pods, leaves, feathers, dried petals). You'll be making your own intention (or spell) jar!

Collect each                                                     and create your own magical bundles of crystals!

Celebration Set

"These are PERFECT!! I bought a couple for myself and a couple to give as a gift and they are PERFECT! My box smelled so good when I opened it."

Jona P.

"I immediately fell in love with Enchanted Botanicals when I visited their stand at an expo I attended. All the products are beautiful."

Jamie L.

"A beautiful blend of herbs has one of the best smells and cleanses so well for any funky energy lurking about."

Pamela G.

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