“Live like you are magic”

With products that are magical

(of course).

Made with intention.

And not found anywhere else.

We’re all seeking something.

And your “why” is important to me.

Maybe you’re:

Working through the transitions of everyday life.

Heeding a call to deepen your spiritual practice.

Wondering about “magic” and how you might dip in.

Or * maybe * Spirit led you here and you’re ready to jump on your journey.

However you got here:


Together we’ll make sure you’re living your best, most empowered life.

Favorite Things

My wish for you…

“There will never be a “right time” to go after your dreams. 

There will never be some ideal moment or sudden lightning flash when everything aligns and you feel total confidence in yourself.

Life just doesn’t work that way.

Enchanted Botanicals certainly doesn’t come from a story of everything going right. I started this adventure after I was diagnosed with cancer and told I had two years to live.

My response? “This is not how I see this going down.” 

Instead of accepting that outcome, I made a conscious commitment to HOPE and HEALING. And little by little, I created a business, a community, and a life where I can give YOU the tools you need to access that same hope and achieve the life you want to live.

Not “some day.”

Right. Now. 

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Earth Alchemy & Energy Medicine

Plant Magic Course

An Introduction to Plant Magic


All things going on with EB

“I met you at illuminate Annapolis a few years ago. I not only love your products but your energy as well, and I’ve followed you ever since.

I’ve seen you flourish, your website blossom, your logo take a new shape, and your newsletters expand to articulate spiritual insights and energetic growth. 

Thank you for sharing, for caring, and for bringing so much beauty to life so that we can all bloom and grow, too.”




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